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Mimika Theatre - Small Worlds / 22.01.2017

The HopBarn is delighted to be able to bring a unique performance experience for 5 - 11 year olds along with their parents and guardians combining a fusion of puppetry, animated films and miniature landscapes.

Small Worlds by acclaimed UK theatre company Mimika Theatre invites you to step inside their small tent and enter an intimate environment where five stories unfold throughout the course of a single day.

Meet five characters - a bug, a goose, a fox cub, a cat and a six year old girl - and watch their wordless stories unfold.

Stories about journeys, big and small, stories about taking that first step into a bigger world.

This is an unforgettable piece of visual theatre - a unique integration of puppetry, miniature landscapes, original animated film and music.

They saw the sun rise and by the time it had set

they had all entered a much bigger world


"Beautiful, complex and captivating, three words to describe this show by the English Company"


"Mimika Theatre.. music that accompanies the mood of each story, miniatures brought to life and lighting that transports us to a magical, mysterious world are just some of the elements that make this children's show a real delight for both children and adults."

Es MADRID magazine, Madrid International Festival


“A magical story unfolded through film, visual theatre and puppetry. The wordless production had both the children and adults totally engaged and mesmerised.”

Jeffrey Tan, Asia Network. Singapore International Children’s Festival

Performances take place at The HopBarn on Sunday 22nd January 2017

There will be 4 scheduled performances over the course of the day with each performance taken from the perspective of each character insect, animal or bird. Each performances last 50 minutes.

Performance times are: 11am / 12.30pm / 2pm / 3.30pm

£8 Adults / £6 Children

Tickets available direct from The HopBarn by contacting:

tel: 07880973365


Mimika create gentle enchanting experiences for young audiences and their families to share together and have been creating performances for young audiences for over 30 years. They have presented their work to children in the USA, S.E Asia, Canada, China and Europe.

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