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Hello young thinkers! Welcome to the kids corners! 


In this section, we look at a visual arts installation by Mark Dion titles ‘Library for the birds’.


Can you guess what this art installation is about? 

An installation by Mark Dion of a tree with books around the roots, hung from branches. On the tree are also photos as well mechanisms to trap animals.

Mark Dion Library for the birds (2016)

Mark Dion has created a library filled with books about nature for the birds to enjoy. In a large cage, live finches, canaries and doves fly, perch, and hop over the books. Many of these nature books give us insight into how animals and plants work together in harmony, a beautiful nature for us all to enjoy and appreciate.


But how do you think the birds will react to these books? 

Books are written for our understanding of nature but just writing about nature is not enough to make a difference in the world. We must do our part to protect nature, to protect these birds. As we protect and nurture nature, nature also protects and nurture us.

Drawing inspiration from the installation, the nature walk or just from your favourite book, The HopBarn would like to populate our own library for birds with your thoughts. Contributions can be created at The HopBarn during visits to the exhibition or created at home by downloading a template and posted to us, to be added by the Hopbarn staff.

Send your finished books by posting them or dropping them in our postbox at The HopBarn, Hockerwood Lane, Southwell NG25 0PZ or you can share photos of your miniature books on our instagram @the_hopbarn. Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your submission so we can share with our visitors when the exhibition opens. 

This activity is in relation to our bird exhibition here, for more info.


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