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Inspired by Mark Dion’s installation Library for the Birds (2016), The HopBarn invites visitors young and old to draw, paint, sketch, stick and glue their own little book or picture that we can hang on our specially designed miniature tree which will sit alongside the main exhibition.

Drawing inspiration from the installation, the nature walk or just from your favourite book, The HopBarn would like to populate our own library for birds with your thoughts. Contributions can be created at The HopBarn during visits to the exhibition or created at home by downloading a template and posted to us, to be added by the Hopbarn staff.

Below are the templates for your download, just click on the download icon above each pdf or the print icon to print. All sizes are based on the UK publishing formats and is set to 1:4. If you wish to create your own size, just take your measurements and divide by 4 to fit our tree.

Send your finished books by posting them or dropping them in our postbox at The HopBarn, Hockerwood Lane, Southwell NG25 0PZ or you can share photos of your miniature books on our instagram @the_hopbarn.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your submission so

we can share with our visitors when the exhibition opens

Complete Empty templates

Complete HopBarn template

Simple book fold

Simple book fold

A Format

A format 

Small fiction books

UK publishing size:

110mm x 178mm / 111mm x 181mm

B Format

B format 

Standard fiction books

UK publishing size:

120mm x 198mm / 138mm x 216mm

Royal / Royal Octavo wide, American Royal

Royal / Royal Octavo wide / American Royal

UK publishing size:

256mm x 234mm / 170mm x 234mm 

152mm x 229mm

American / American narrow / A4

American / American narrow / A4

UK publishing size:

210mm x 279mm / 200mm x 279mm

210mm x 197mm

The Pigeon & National Geographic

Baby board book / Digest 

UK publishing size:

190mm x 190mm / 140mm x 210mm

Release your creativity and surprise us, perhaps a newspaper? A Big Issue? 

The Big Issue & Newark Advertiser

Here is a template for the Newark Advertiser. Please print double sided.

Bramley Apple & Upton Tonic

Here is a template for the Bramley Apple.

Please print double sided.

For more inspiration, how about exploring bird book cover design

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