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LaPelle’s Factory - DESPERADO / In Residence - Tue 21st June - Sat 2nd July

Following their successful application to Derby Theatre's Package Holiday, The HopBarn is delighted to be hosting LaPelle's Factory from Tuesday 21st June to Saturday 2nd July 2016 whilst they undertake a two week period of research and development for their new performance DESPERADO

Photo - Julian Hughes

The company which is formed by a creative partnership between artists Olwen Davies and Ollie Smith aims to create theatre that is both playful but yet provocative, asking questions and questioning expectations, relationships and modern ideals.... all with a bit of dark humour, relatable stories and a little bit of trouble!

For the two week residency period, LaPelle's Factory will be intensely working on their latest and new production DESPERADO; a new work that will feature as part of Derby Theatre's Departure Lounge Festival on Saturday 23rd July 2016.

Here's what the company say about their latest and newest adventure>

Put your hands up – it’s a raid!

Four nobodies, four horsemen, four lonely desperadoes, unite to face down the future.

Mischievously riffing on dance marathons, pro wrestling, school sports days and rodeos, Desperado is a manic and adrenaline-fuelled display of camaraderie and strength, which fights to dispel the myth that mankind has reached the end of the line. It celebrates disobedient uprisings, breaking points and final judgements in a changing world where judge, jury and executioner are all played by the same old bandits. Humanity may well be going to hell in a handcart – but that's no excuse to give up and go home.

Driven by power and pain, the show pushes back against the grinding monotony and brutality of the modern world. Vibrant and fierce, hilarious and exhausting, Desperado is coming for you.

With erratic dance numbers and conversational banter, LaPelle's Factory mix the light-hearted, the delinquent and the downright funny with the dark, the weird and the frightening.

Keep checking in as over the two week period that the company will be in residence, we'll up-date on what they have been up to and what mischief they have caused.

Find out more about Derby Theatre's Departure Lounge Festival by clicking the icon>

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