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Brink Dance Company Residency

The HopBarn has recently had the pleasure of hosting Brink Dance Company whilst they undertake a period of research and development for their new work which will be performed as part of Dance Manchester's Turn Platform in April 2016.

Brink is formed by students from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, although the company Directors have big ambitions to generate their own unique voice and artistic practice. There residency week was undertaken to revive an old work by choreographer Jo Delaneym and to begin the creation process by Daisy Howell/

Here's just a snippet of ideas and the work generated:

First day at The HopBarn! Brink Dance Company Residency has officially begun. Dancers and Choreographers feeling inspired. Company Dancer, Shawn - "The floor lifts the heaviest animal, and the ground holds the most fragile seeds, the sun gives all life, we rest wake up and work tomorrow." Company Dancer: Stine-" Today has been an intense, interesting and productive day. We have danced hard, created, been scary, cute and funny all in one day. Plus eaten good food!"

Day Two at the Hopbarn!! First piece, choreographed by Joe Delaney, has already taken form! Company Dancer: Jake- I wake up to the sound of birdsong and the glorious sun stealing my tiredness. The air is clean and the night sky is clear, a wonderful change from the pollution of the city where we all normally train. Away from the hubbub, we can really work and focus as a company. Brink at the Hopbarn is reminding me why I want to dance! Company Dancer: Jazz- I Can Carve Doodle Or Inspire The work is now set Tomorrow brings set undone. Time for Details!

Day Three Sum up from the perspective of... Company Dancer: Erin Pollitt- "These past 3 days for me have been crazy, dancing in a barn, living on a farm (albeit glamorously), and creating some amazing dancing and a full piece in 3 days. P.s I've also pretended to be a monster, eaten way too many cereal bars and been on a wild goose chase looking for a lost drone...we're only half way through?!" Company Dancer: Sam Baxter- "I find myself surrounded by people with long hamstrings and beautifully pointed feet, these are skills I do not possess... so finding a way to stand out amongst said people has been challenging to say the least. so one might say I'm up to my neck in the deep end but its an amazing thing to learn to swim again."

Final day working with Joe Delaney restaging Da- Vinci. It has been a tough yet inspiring three days working on this piece, watching everyone grow as Dancers and as a Company. " After working with these incredible people, I am truly amazed! In two days we have made a skeleton of a beautiful piece and I am inspired by the Dancers continual commitment, energy and creative curiosity in the space. All I would like to say is a massive thank you." Joe Delaney, Brink Dance Company Director/Choreographer

After a week long residency at @theHopbarn, the Research and Development is over. Our Dancers mange to Re-stage and Re-choreograph a whole 10 Minute work and create and shape 20 minutes worth of new work! Due to our incredible week together, myself and Joe we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our Dancers, whose drive and commitment this week has gone above and beyond what we expected. Their constant drive, commitment and energy towards the process was beautiful to witness, making our first Company experience one to be remembered. It has been a huge inspiration to watch every Dancer grow individually and take on such a huge ask with such positivity and determination. We couldn't ask for a better team and we now can't wait to show what Brink has achieved and continue on to our future ventures together.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the Heads of @thehopbarn, who provided us with such a beautiful and inspirational space and a great opportunity to develop our work. Without you, Brink would not have been able to have the experience we did, we are so grateful for all the time and commitment you put towards helping us shape and run our Residency. We are so happy you were

there at the start of our Company's journey and we thank you for playing such a huge role in the development and support of Brink Dance Company

Its Day 4 of the Brink Dance Company R&D at the HopBarn. Today has been the start of Daisy Belle Howell's new work. The creative juices are in full flow and I've had a great opportunity of capturing some of these moments. As always we're on the Brink of something beautiful.

Here are some thoughts from some of Company Dancers we didn't mange to post earlier this week! Flashback of Day Four.... Company Dancer Kassi: “ Today I have been pushed into and out of my comfort zone, thats what its all about! Thank you Briiiiinnnnkkkkk! My brain is fried, but I feel good inside grin emoticon!" Company Dancer Anne-Sophie: “Being part of this process surrounded by such driven, talented Dancers has reassured me that this is what I want to do as a performer. Now Happy and Head scrambled.” More on the Way!

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