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Policy Dated: 1st December 2018


The HopBarn Centre for Music and Creative Performance

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Mailing List Privacy Policy

Policy Statement: In line with the changes to The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that were passed in 2016 and came into effect on 25th May 2018, The HopBarn has undertaken a review of its policies and procedures with regards to the collection, retention and usage of personal data and information acquired, stored and used by The HopBarn and in accordance to GDPR guidelines.

The Privacy Policy statement refers only to the acquirement of pubic and personal data that has been given in order for public members to sign up to The HopBarn’s Mailing List, thereby receiving monthly News and Events Publications distributed by The HopBarn as a form of communication.

Principles of GDPR and The HopBarn’s Usage and Actions with regards to acquiring, storing and using public and personal data.

Please note that in line with the 6 principles for procession of personal data, The HopBarn will ensure:

  1. That Public Members who sign up to The HopBarn’s mailing list are consenting for The HopBarn to retain such data information in order that they receive monthly News and Events Publications via e-mail

  2. That such information is acquired and stored for the sole purpose of ensuring effective communication between The HopBarn and the said public members

  3. That the personal data acquired is used only for the purpose of the distribution of Monthly News and Events Publications via e-mail, and is not used in conjunction with any other activity that The HopBarn may programme

  4. That all personal data and information will not be used to formulate surveys or be used within any form of reporting including written reports

  5. That personal information and data will not be shared amongst 3rd parties

  6. That all personal information and data will only be stored during the life span of the The

    HopBarn’s monthly News and Events Publication, and if a decision is made to terminate the monthly publications, such information will be deleted from the archived store

  7. If at any point a public member wishes The HopBarn to remove and delete their personal information, The HopBarn will do so immediately and without hesitation

  8. The HopBarn will ensure that personal information held is accurate and up-to-date

Personal Information and Data will be stored:

 a. On a single computer that is not networked to any other
 b. The computer is password protected
 c. Is used by only one staff member of TheHopBarn
 d. Is controlled by JonathanPoole (The HopBarn’s Data Controller)

 e. Used only for the intended activity as stated in point 2

If you have questions or concerns in regards to the written content of this policy, please contact The HopBarn’s Data Controller.

Data Controller: Jonathan Poole



The HopBarn Hockerwood Lane Upton Road Southwell Notts NG25 0PZ 

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