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My Alebrije Oracle

2 Apr - 28 May

Slots will be available in January 2022

An outdoor exhibition of mystical creatures created by little thinkers exploring issues surrounding the wellbeing of our planet.


Come join us for a day to walk and hunt for these little creatures that are hiding in beautiful arts trail, in empty woodpecker holes, hanging from branches, resting within the Carr dyke stream. Bring your little ones to join our fun craft based workshops where they can  draw their own Alebrije design, create alebrije masks and make piñatas.


Click on the linked images on the right to read about the project, view all alebrije submissions and learn more of our resident artists Katrina Vidaurri. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 08_edited.png

The Project

Alebrijes are Mexican mystical creatures made of different parts of various animals with bright coloured patterns and controls fire, water, wind and water. 

alebrije template 1_edited_edited.png

The Submissions

There are a total of 63 submission from children of all ages. From these submissions, around 20 creatures will be built by the child and family and placed on our trail.


One of our judges

As part of this project, we have requested Katrina Vidaurri, an Mexican-American artist from Nogales, a. border town in Arizona/ Sonora to choose the best Alebrije designs.

Her art, Mexican inspired, super bright, colourful and from recycled materials, encompass a wide range from painting, illustration, graphic design, installation and sculptures in particular the creation of piñatas.

What is an Alebrije?

Extending from Mexican folklore and artist Pedro Linares, Alebrijies are fantastical creatures that are created from various parts of animals and control elements such as wind, water, earth and fire.

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