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TheHopbarn [kKo] is the labour of love by Sound artist Angie Atmadjaja and Choreographer Jonathan Poole and began with a tiny collection, slowly growing over the years art related books and DVDs that were acquired related to certain projects and exhibitions they were working on.


This collection now amounts to 251 art related books and 158 dvds. We feel as practising artists, it is paramount and beneficial to have access to high quality books which can be expensive over years. We hope by sharing our collection, we can support local artists towards their practice.

Every month TheHopbarn will aim to add around 15-20 books to the collection. TheHopbarn is grateful for any arts related book donations to the collection.

The library is not currently available to public but only to resident artists and associated artists / curators / choreographers with TheHopbarn. 


Someday when we do open our doors, it could someday be a beautiful and meditative physical place to read, find and connect like-minded people, to generate discussions and debates.


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