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The Hopbarn is a non-funded organisation in support of the arts and our community. It is managed by a small family team of 5 and we welcome any support towards any events. 


* volunteers for front of house in exchange for access to events of choice.

* volunteers to help out with the visual arts workshops and seminar at kKo.

* Art display cabinets.

Get in contact with us

Ambassadors wanted

Are you creative, motivates and inspiration with a passion for the Arts? Would you like to be actively involved in creating arts events that is relevant to the discussions surrounding the young in the community? 

Send an email to with a little description about yourself and we will be in touch as soon as we can.


* age 16 - 20.

* have a deep interest in music and the visual arts.

* Active in Instagram and Facebook.

Have a strong desire to inspire others.

* Good writing skills to write blogs and reviews to be included in The Hopbarn website.

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Pop up Library project

We would like to create an outdoor pop up library,

would you like to help contribute?

Your support:

* unwanted watertight display cabinets

* unwanted books

* unwanted outdoor bench / reading seats

Get in contact with us

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Landscaping Volunteers

We would like to focus on our landscaping around The Hopbarn. Do you love gardening? Would you like to be part of The Hopbarn landscaping team? Would you like to help us design and create a garden our community can all be proud of ? Get in contact with us

Your support:

* Volunteers to design and maintain the landscape in exchange to events of choice.

* unwanted pots / plantings / gardening tools.

* unwanted garden benches / seatings

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