Due to the isolated and quiet location, The HopBarn makes an ideal venue as a recording studio and can be modified accordingly to suit the varying needs and requirements of any music group or solo musician.


The main studio consists of a basic set up comprising: 


  • Rogers of London Baby Grand Piano

  • Yamaha 12 Channel mix with VPX Active Speakers

  • Studio Block comprising 24 send and 12 return channels

  • Various Microphones and Stands 

With further prior arrangement, The HopBarn can also make available: 

  • Grand Piano

  • Electric Stage Piano

  • Warwick 5 String Bass

  • Epiphone ES335 Guitar

  • EKO Acoustic Guitar

  • Custom Double Bass

  • Mapex Full Drum Kit

  • Various Sound Barriers and Vocal Booths

  • Full HD Video Sony FX1 is available with

  • NLE Suite, either Adobe Premier Pro CS5 or Final Cut Pro

  • Green Screen Backdrops, essential for promo Youtube Exposure

Alec Bowman and Band 

Not Now John - Recording Session 

Along with the basic sound and recording equipment made available, The HopBarn is also able to provide additional  technical support  with our in house engineer making further sound and recording equipment available.


Additional Equipment includes:

  • Alesis ADAT 24 Track Recording

  • Allen and Heath GL2400 24 track mixing desk

  • Alesis EQ-250 Graphic Equaliser

  • Alesis 3630 Compression/limiter

  • Daw Protools v12 software and digital Interface     M-Audio Profire 2626

  • Yamaha N10 Near Field Mixing Monitors

  • Eltax Concept Dynamic Bass, control room monitors

  • Samson Servo 250 Studio Stereo Amplifier

  • Peavey, Marshall, Carlsbro and Wawick Instrument Amplification

  • Active and Passive DI Boxes and Active Mic Splitters

  • Selection of Mics Including Shure SM58's. Shure SM57's, Samson S1 Condenser and Peavey S20 

  • NTJ 7 piece mic set for drum kit

  • A Selection of AKG Headphones

All recordings and mastering produced by an experienced musician and recording engineer

The HopBarn is able to discuss recording requirements and can work with musicians and groups to find the best solutions to such needs.

Contact The HopBarn directly to discuss your recording requirements.