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Covid-19 Management Action Plan


Dear Patron, 


Thank you for booking tickets for the forthcoming music event at The HopBarn. In order to adhere to current advice and procedures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to provide information and advice towards how The HopBarn plans to manage the event and ensure that all audience attendees, staff and performance members are safeguarded against contracting and potentially spreading coronavirus.


We would ask that audience patrons take time to read the below and familiarise themselves with the procedures in place prior to arrival at The HopBarn.


Covid-19 Management Procedures


  • Audience members will be met and welcomed in the car parking area and guided towards the The HopBarn studio entrance where a member of the Front of House Team will be present to welcome and show suitable seating.


The HopBarn has restricted the capacity of the studio to 60 audience members. Although the allows additional space within the studio, it does not meet previous measures when considering social distancing. As such we ask audience member upon attendance to: 


  • Where a face mask (unless medical reasons allow for exception) when entering the studio area and when moving around either to the bar or going to the toilet.


  • Ensure that they have received the double vaccination


  • Do not attend if they are showing signs or symptoms associated with contracting covid-19 (The HopBarn will gladly refund any audience member who has to miss the concert due to contracting symptoms associated with covid-19)


  • Practice where possible social etiquette in accordance with Covid-19 protocols that have been followed during and after the national lockdown


In addition The HopBarn will Implement: 


  • A one-way system whereby audience members enter the main studio area through one door and exit through a second door to alleviate congestion.


  • A one-way system for audience members wishing to access and use the toilet facilities


  • An outdoor bar area to allow for additional space between audience members


  • Suitable ventilation within the The HopBarn studio to allow fresh air to circulate. Audience members are advised to wear warm clothing on the night of the event.


  • Additional measures on the night of the event introduced as a result of the weather or other contributing factors


The HopBarn would like to thank all audience members for their attendance at this event and we look forward to opening our doors again to live music. 


If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this procedure please contact The HopBarn directly by e-mailing: 


With best wishes, 

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